# Installation

Imager X 4.0 requires Craft 4.0 or newer.

To install Imager X, follow these steps:

  1. Install with composer via composer require spacecatninja/imager-x from your project directory.
  2. Install the plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings → Plugins, or from the command line via ./craft install/plugin imager-x.
  3. For Imager X to do anything, you need to configure it.


Imager X supports both GD and Imagick as image drivers, but please note that some features may not be available in all combinations of Imagick/ImageMagick. In particular, Imagick 3.4.4 compiled against ImageMagick 6.x, deprecates alot of methods, without providing alternatives. Due to how errors are handled in Imagine, this causes some issues with some of the effects.

# Upgrading from Imager X 3.0 to 4.0

There should be no breaking changes going from 3.0 to 4.0. A couple of things that was marked as deprecated in 3.0 has been removed, so make sure you solve any deprecation errors in Craft 3.0 before upgrading to 4.0.

# Upgrading from Imager 2.0 to Imager X 4.0

The easiest approach will be to upgrading Imager 2.0 to Imager X 3.0 first (obviously before upgrading Craft itself), make sure you fix any deprecation errors, and then upgrade to 4.0. Please refer to the 3.0 documentation (opens new window) for information about upgrading to 3.0.